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Lolita in Thai (fwd)
NOTE. NABOKV-L thanks Bennett Lerner <bennett@cm-sun.cm.ksc.co.th>, who
lives and teaches in Thailand, for the gem below. Now, I ask you....where,
apart from NABOKV-L, could you gleam such information?
Yesterday, I overheard one
college student teasing another and calling him a "lolitakorn". (Last
syllable is falling tone.) Of course, I immediately asked what that
meant. It seems that Lolita has made it into Thai. The word "lolitakorn"
means someone who is sexually attracted to much younger people. That's
not a surprise, but the meaning is shifted slightly to include younger
people of either sex. I suspect the word made it into Thai by way of
translated Japanese comics, because there is also the "obakorn" which
means someone who is sexually attracted to older people, and which sounds
like the Japanese "obasan".

There is also the expression "liang dtoi" (first word high tone, second word
falling tone), which means "to raise since childhood, especially to raise a
young girl in order to marry her later". (Young boys, too.) This is quite
common here, especially in the country, and an accepted practice.

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