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VN Bibliography
I have taken a look at a couple of item previously reported in NABOKV-L's
recent Bibliography listings.

The articles are in _Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie_, nos. 23 & 24,
respectively (1997).

In #23, Rashit Jagirov 's "Iz nabliudenii ob opytakh 'Retrogradnogo
analiza' i 'Zagadkakh perekrestnykh slov' Nabokova," the author
reproduces and discussed some of VN Chess Problems and CrossWord puzzles.

In #24, there is an extremely interesting article by Savelii Senderovich &
Elena Shvarts called "Verbnaya Stuchka. Nabokov i popularnaia kul'tura"
(93-110)[Catkin Week Stuff. N. and Popular Culture] Article I. The
authors discuss the traditional toys and folk performances associated with
this holiday in connection with _Invitation to a Beheading_. Their
discoveries and illustrations account for many allusions in a novel that I
thought I knew very well.

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