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Nabokov mention (fwd)
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Subject: Nabokov mention

From: Aguirre <aguirre@navix.net>

In the most recent paperback book of the month club propaganda Nabokov is
mentioned in a description of David Leavitt's most recent publication:
_Arkansas_, which is comprised of three novellas. One of these novellas is
called, "The Term-Paper Artist," which is a great story by the way. It is
about a fictional David Leavitt who is in L.A. attempting to research his
next book. However, this fictional writer is experiencing writers block.
Without giving too much of the plot away, I can say that the fictional
novelist overcomes his block by writing research papers for male (straight)
UCLA undergrads, who in payment for his "A" efforts allow him to perform
fellatio on them (among other things). Oh, by the way, both David Leavitts
are gay. Well, in the QPBC description of "The Term-Paper Artist" the
writer makes a parenthetical remark that Nabokov would appreciate the
bawdy, satirical, and parodic nature of the novella.

Robert Aguirre
University of Nebraska-Lincoln