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A Lo sighting (fwd)
From: Bennett Lerner <bennett@cm-sun.cm.ksc.co.th>(a.k.a.NABOKV-L's 'man
in Thailand')

Perhaps it's been noticed before, but in the movie IRMA LA DOUCE, which
was filmed, I think, in 1962. one of Irma's colleagues in street-walking,
has a blond wig with bangs, sun glasses with heart-shaped lenses and sucks
a lollipop. Her name, of course, is "Lolita". The movie is not very
good, a version WITHOUT the lovely music of a French, and then Broadway,
musical show.

Incidentally, last April when I was visiting New York, I spotted a man
selling xeroxes of current screen plays at a table on the north-west corner
of Union Square, and, sure enough, he had the Schiff LOLITA, which I can
confirm is lovely. Perhaps that vendor is still there?


And let's not, in the middle of this brouhaha about the movie, forget that
LOLITA was once that most American of American forms, a Broadway musical,
LOLITA MY LOVE, with book and lyrics (see below) by Alan Jay Lerner. The
lyrics were better than the music. The show never ran.

You love me, you love me...
I'm sick of the stuff.
To talk it is easy;
To live it is tough.
You tell me you love me;
It isn't enough,
'Cause all you can do
Is keep me in pris'n;
And tell me it's love.
I tell you it isn'.
'Cause all you can do
Is think about you, just you.

There are also lots of motels.

What I am wondering, is there anyone out there who actually saw the show?
Any memories? VN seemed to like it.