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Re: Overheard: The "Lolita" look in underwear (fwd)
> EDITOR'S NOTE. Galya Diment <galya@u.washington.edu>, who sends the item
> below, is, inter alia, the author of the University of Washington Press
> book PNINIAD, a study of Russian emigre historian Marc Szeftel, Nabokov's Cornell
> colleague and the primary prototype for PNIN.
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> Yesterday on BBC hour they had a segment about French women's love for
> "sexy" underwear -- which many of the interviewed said distinguishes them
> from American women who do not care to be exquisitely feminine like
> themselves. A "specialist" from one of the stores which specializes in
> women's panties was talking about what's in fashion this year. Very
> popular, she said, was the "Lolita look" in underwear: white or light
> pastel underwear for those who are either young or wish to pretend they
> are. So now you know.
> Galya Diment