Vladimir Nabokov

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Did Nabokov like Wallace Stevens? (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. I recall that a couple of years ago Abdellah Bouazza called
my attention to a remarkable "Nabokovian" passage in Steven's poetry.
From: Rodney Welch <rwelch@scjob.sces.org>

What did Nabokov think of the poet Wallace Stevens? If memory
serves, the two received awards from the Bollinger Foundation the
same year, but I've never heard it said what one thought of the other.
My suspicion is that VN would have had no use for the
brilliant but emotionally icy poet, but I have no talent for guesswork in
this area. I still don't see what VN saw in a florid monstrosity like
Edmund White's "Forgetting Elena," which he not only liked but quite
lovingly blurbed.

Rodney Welch
Columbia, SC