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Re: VN, Gorky, & Dostoevsky. (fwd)
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Gorky would have hated daytime TV. Not to mention the tabloids.

On the other hand, if "evil genius" (both sobriquets could be argued) Fyodor
Mikhailovich were around today, Oprah would have him on her show, put "Crime
& Punishment" on her book list, and there would have been "Crime & Punishment
II -- the Wrath of Raskolnikov" before you could say merchandising tie-in.
_Thank_ you, Fyodor, for _sharing_. with our audience ...

And what about that remake of "Brothers K" with, let's see, Snoop Doggy Dogg
as Dmitri the aggressor (there are better rap stars for that part, but
they're all dead), Hugh Grant as rigorous intellectual Ivan, and for the
sensitive, saintly Alyosha ... Brad Pitt, wearing only a large Russian
Orthodox cross on his tanned chest (rumor has it Brad will be a shoo-in for
the title role in "Pnin Man", another famous book by a dead Russian). Oh
yes, and Smerdyakov? Chris Farley. I'd also like to see Joe Pesci as
Karamazov _pere_.

Get me Casting,

Sylvia Weiser Wendel