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Review of Russian ADA
Nikolai Mel'nikov, author of an interesting article on the sources
of OTCHAIANIE (Despair) reviews the two recent Russian translation of ADA in
the June 1997 LITERATURNOE OBOZRENIE under the title "Bezumnoe chaiapitie
s Vladimirom Nabokovym: K vyxodu pervogo russkogo perevoda romana
V.V.Nabokova _Ada, ili strast'_, pp. 84-87. Melnikov is obviously a close
reader of ADA and ADA criticism.
It is unfortunate that he fails to remark on the relative merits
of the two translations. The 1995 version done by various hands and
published in the Ukraine should not be read by anyone who has access to
Sergei Il'yin's 1996 Moscow edition.

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