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Re: And the Charles Kinbote Award for Literary Explication Goes
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I was out of town for a few days, but feel it's imperative that Rodney Welch,
et al., be informed of additional new developments in this burgeoning field
of interactive literary creativity.

After the phenomenal success of Danis Rose's _Ulysses, Or Something Like It_,
the reading world was overwhelmed with fabulous new interpretations of
classics: Henry James' _The Ambassador Dudes_, Mark Twain's new all-Ebonic
_Huck Be Finn_, and of course this contemporary masterpiece, now rendered in
easy-to-understand Los Angeles Spanglish --

"Lolita, like you know? She's like the little love of my life, you know,
like the fire of mi loinitos kind of stuff, you know, that kind of little
thing? Ohh man, when her tongue takes a trip down my little teeth it's like,
I don't know, really weird or something? Only, like, this Quilty, _es un
chiquito muy malo y feo_, dude, so like I had to off him real bad. So like I
did this little thing, okay? And now he's dead and she's dead and me, I'm
about to like go too. The end."

Watch this spot for more resounding triumphs. Next week - Thomas Pynchon's
"Mason & Dixon", retold entirely in country-music verse.

I love literary freedom,