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>> By the way, did VN ever make a list of his favorite words? I
>>remember reading one such list by James Joyce; the only word I remember
>>from it is "cuspidor."
>> I can only guess at what VN would choose, but two come to mind
>>for sheer frequency: "supine" and "palpate".
>>Rodney Welch
>>Columbia, SC
>Re Welch & Others about Nab Vocab
>A study to be recommended dealing with VN's vocabulary & style is Jurgen
>Bodenstein's _THE EXCITEMENT OF VERBAL ADVENTURE: A Study of VN's English
>Prose_ (a 2 vol. dissertation 0f 1977[?]). Over the past years I have
>jotted down on its margins corrections and additions. VN uses "photisms"
>in the second chapter of SPEAK, MEMORY in the context of the mild
>hallucinations to which he confesses he has been prone. A word VN detested
>is in STRONG OPINIONS, a pathological word, I recall, beginning with N...
>A. Bouazza
>Utrecht, the Netherlands.

SO Playboy (1964)
From notes to PF.

Sergey B. Il'in

Nashe delo veseloe.

EDITOR's NOTE. NAPRAPATHY, one of the very few English words drawn from
CZech (naprava = correction + pathy) means "a system of treatment based on
the theory that disease symptoms are due to strained or contracted
ligaments and disorders of the connective tissue and can be cured by