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New "Lolita" film and Nabokov mention (fwd)
The June issue of the British film magazine "Premiere" contains the
following brief item on the new "Lolita" film:

"It's still homeless in the US, but Adrian Lyne's controvercial
version of "Lolita", starring Jeremy Irons as Nabokov's notorious
paedophile Humbert Humbert and 15-year-old newcomer Dominique
Swain as Lolita, may have at last found a UK distributor. French-
owned Guild is rumoured to be planning a release of the film,
which will at least please Irons, who petulantly vowed to leave
the country if "Lolita" failed to secure a distributor."

It's interesting that the film was also financed by a French
company, which in a way parallels the book's first publication.

Another British film magazine, "Empire", also for June, in an article
on Hugh Hefner briefly mentions VN as one of the contributors to
"Playboy". There is also a tiny photo of VN looking out of his car
window, pencil in one hand, writing cards in the other.

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