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Re: VN Butterfly names (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. Dieter Zimmer is the Editor of Rowohlt's splendid VN
collected works in German. In addition to being VN's German translator and
annotator of many of Nabokov's works, he has privately published a superb
survey of VN's lepidoptera.

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May I also point out that there is a complete list (as of summer 1996) of
all lepidoptera bearing Nabokov's or Nabokovian names, along with brief
descriptions and references to their first publications, in my book "A
Guide to Nabokov's Butterflies and Moths", Hamburg 1996. Currently I am
trying to devise a way which would make it easy for anybody in America who
is interested in obtaining a copy to order it. When I have established one,
I will give Jeff Edmunds the section on Nabokov's own butterflies to put
into ZEMBLA, and this excerpt will carry ordering information.

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