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At the request of the organizing committee at RGGU, I am posting an
announcement of a conference slated to take place in Moscow in mid-January
of next year.
Helena Goscilo


Dear Colleagues,

The Russian State University for the Humanities announces an international
conference scheduled for January 15-17, 1998. The conference, "Sex and
Gender in Russian Culture," is part of a larger cultural studies project,
which includes an exhibition, "An Anthology of Femininity," at the
Tretyakov Gallery.

The conference is structured around six sections: (1) cross-cultural
studies; (2) anthropology and cultural analysis; (3) philosophy and
psychology; (4) visual arts; (5) history; and (6) literature and textual

Interested parties should send a 200-word abstract in Russian or English

Matalya Kamenetskaya
Email: natkam@rsuh.ru
address: Russian State University for the Humanities
6 Miusskaya Sq., Moscow 125267
Fax: (095) 250 51 09