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Subject: Re: Nabokov mentions (fwd)

From: Rodney Welch <>

I don't recall encountering oology and photic, but there are a
number of words in the Collected Stories that had me running for
Webster's Third.
I had no idea what a "soubrette" was, and I wasn't real sure
about a "harsh chitinous crust." Or "elementary allobiotic phenomena." Or
"araucaria," "furunculosis," "cinerous," "frass," "calvities," "mastic,"
"gules," "purpure," "voilette," "elytra," "merds" and "cacological."
By the way, did VN ever make a list of his favorite words? I
remember reading one such list by James Joyce; the only word I remember
from it is "cuspidor."
I can only guess at what VN would choose, but two come to mind
for sheer frequency: "supine" and "palpate".

Rodney Welch
Columbia, SC