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Re: 1999 VN Event Calendar (fwd)
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EDITOR's NOTE. BElow is an interim listing of VN Centennary Events. If you
have additional information, please send it to NABOKV-L.

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1a. Modern Language Association Annual Convention. Two Nabokov sessions.
San Francisco, 27-30 December 1998. Contact Ellen Pifer

1b. American Association of Teachers of Slavic & E. European Languages
(AATSEEL). 27-30 December, 1998. The conference will be held at the
Renaissance Parc 55 Hotel, 55 Cyril Magnin Street (Market at Fifth) San
Francisco, CA 94102. 1-800-468-3571 or 415-392-8000. Non-member on-site
registration is $30 for students and $90 for others.

2. Jan 14-17, 1999. "International VN Seminar" Part of conference on
"Culture of the Russian Diaspora". 14-17 Jan. 1999. Sponsored jointly by
Departments of Russian Philology of the Tallin Pedagogical Institute and
of Tartu University. Contact Grigorii Utgof. E-mail: venefil@tpu.ee;
Phone: (372) 6409330; fax (372) 6409118

3. Jan. 19-April 1999. Munich VN Centenary Celebrations.

1.Mon. Jan. 19: Terry Quinn & Dmiri naboov perform "Dear Bunny,
Dear Volodya"
2. Mon. Jan. 25: Literary Walk through the exhibit, theatrical
performance, singing
3. Sun. Feb. 7: Official opening of the exhibit with speeches and
readings of VN's poems and texts.
4. Feb.-March: Nabokov-related lectures, discussions, plays,
readings, et cet.
5. April: Exhibit travels to the Grandhotel "Montreux
Contact person: Dr. Daniela Rippl: Ph. 10-49-89-29-19-34-39
Fax: 10-49-89-29-19-34-19

4. March 12-14, 1999. Wesleyan University, CT Conference.
"1799, 1899, 1999: Pushkin, Nabokov and Intertextuality."
Contact Priscilla Meyer <pmeyer@mail.wesleyan.edu>

5. March. New England Slavic Conference. Nabokov session. Contact "Maxim
D. Shrayer" <shrayerm@bc.edu>

6. April 19-21, 1999 (Tentative) Gorki Institute of World Literature,
Russian Academy of Science:
Nabokov Centennial International Conference:
"Vladimir Nabokov in Russian and World Literature". The conference will
take place tentatively on April 19-21, 1999 at Gorki Instate Conference
Hall (Moscow, Povarskaja 25-a).
Contact : Madina Tlostanova <mtlos@astrologos.ru>
Olga Kaznina, Nabokov's Centennial Conference Coordinator

7. April 1999. Saint Petersburg. Nabokov Foundation. I shall post more
exact information when available.

8. April 23, 1999- Aug.21, 1999. New York Public Library VN Exhibit.
"Nabokov Under Glass: Celebrating a Hundred Years" Opens on April 23, 1999
and runs through August 21, 1999 in the Edna Barnes Solomon Room (rm.. 316
on the third floor of the NYPL Library for the Humanities and Social
Sciences at 42nd and 5th Avenue. Contact person: Rodney Phillips

9. Glenn Horowitz Bookseller Exhibit (NYC). Open 21 April 1999. Contact

10. PEN/Vintage event at New York City Town Hall. 15 April 1999.

11. ALA Conference. Nabokov session. 27-30 May 1999. Baltimore, MD.
Contact: Lynne Walker <dlwalker@u.washington.edu>

12. June 27-29, 1999. Asheville, North Carolina. "Teaching
Nabokov" Contact: Sam Schuman <schumans@CAA.MRS.UMN.EDU>

13. July 6-10, Cambridge, England. "Nabokov at the Crossroads" Contact
Jane Grayson <j.grayson@ssees.ac.uk>

14. November 18-21, 1999 Annual Conference of the American Association
for the Advancement of Slavic Studies. St. Louis.

15. December 27-30, 1999. MLA & AATSEEL Chicago