Vladimir Nabokov

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Query: More [or less] conclusive evidence (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. I assume the following queries relate to the NEW YORKER
publication of the hitherto unpublished 16th chapter of VN's SPEAK,
MEMORY. The issue has yet to hit West Coast mailboxes--as least in Santa
From: Aline & Alexander Drescher <drescher@bcn.net>


What ideas are available on the references mentioned in the current New
Yorker "review" to the following:

"When Lilacs Last" by Barbara Braun [Amazon.com does not
bring up author or title. Why Whitman, why "Braun"?]

"Amen Corner" by T. S. Elmann [No such author exists, is

this another swipe at Eliot, and if so, how? There is a play by James
Baldwin with this title. What's the connection?

Thank you for any responses.

Sandy Drescher