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Query: McFate & Anna Blue (fwd)
From: Juan M Martinez <>
Happy holidays! I have two questions that might be too dumb for the forum
--- then again, they might not be.

(1) Is "McFate" a Nabokovian construction? Did he make up the term or
has it been floating around?

(2) "Anna Blue" struck me as some kind of lepidopteral pun, but I'm not

Both questions were sparked by reading Astro Teller's _Exegesis_. He is a
big fan of _Lolita_ and something tells me that he snuck a reference here
or there. (Anna Blue is the name of a character in charge of an
electronic forum on lepidoptera.)



"I am overdoing the exclamation marks."
-- John Fowles, _The French Lieutenant's Woman_