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Query: Lolita on DVD (fwd)
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From: Zooberries <astronomy@mindspring.com>

Someone is selling a DVD of the newer "Lolita" Film on www.ebay.com. Does
anyone know what the difference between this[european?] version and the
American version??


Starring...Jeremy Irons, Melanie Griffith,Frank Langella & introducing
Dominique Swain.*Directed by...Adrian Lyne.* DVD is more rare than any ever
offered on ebay...including "Little Shop Of Horrors".*Lolita was only
released in limited areas CA.,N.Y., & Canada,1997?*There was a lot of
controversy over subject matter & relationship between Jeremy Irons
character & a young 12 year old*DVD is a rare import & 100% perfessional
quaity & legal release.*What makes this DVD super rare is first not released
in US & doubt ever will? also, a near future import release will be edited &
cut & not allowed in US.*This DVD is full movie version & not cut!*I have
had this DVD in my collection for some time & never has one been offered on
ebay, except one I have.*I doubt you'll ever see this uncut version again.I
bought this DVD right at the time the company that owns the rights, decided
to cut the film.*Again, any future copys that may appear on ebay?will be cut
version.*DVD is totally mint & sealed.*Dolby Digital*Widescreen...letterbox
edition.*NTSC-all region code & will play on all DVD players.*Chinese
subtitle that cannot be turned off, but is near bottom of movie & really
doesn't interfere with viewing...part of subtitle is in black area & part on
bottom of movie.*I watched this movie & after getting into movie, you don't
even pay attention to it.*Box is "Keepsake" & nice artwork of Jeremy & young
girl, also same artwork on DVD.*Sorry about reserve, but need to protect my
cost.*Winner to pay $3.75 postage & insur.in US only...others need to email
me for postage cost.*Payment by money order or cashier check only & mailed
to me within 3 days of auction end.*Thanks & Good Luck :-)