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1999 VN schedule
Dear Steve,
I'm roughing out a "VN Events Calendar" for 1999. Do you think of
other things that should be on it? Have you been able to establish
communications with Vadim Stark at all (& et al)? One would like to know
what the Fond is planning.
Any further thoughts on your VN parody plan? I can run it whenever
you and Gene settle on the details.
Best, Don

1. MLA San Francisco December 98
2. Jan 14-17, 1999. "International VN Seminar" Part of conference on
"Culture of the Russian Diaspora". 14-17 Jan. 1999. Sponsored jointly by
Departments of Russian Philology of the Tallin Pedagogical Institute and
of Tartu University. Contact Grigorii Utgof. E-mail: venefil@tpu.ee;
Phone: (372) 6409330; fax (372) 6409118
3. March 1999. Wesleyan, CT "Pushkin & Nabokov Centenary Conference.
Contact Priscilla Meyer <pmeyer@mail.wesleyan.edu>
4. April 1999. Saint Petersburg. Nabokov Foundation.
5. June 1999. Sam Schuman at Asheville North Carolina. "Teaching Nabokov"
6. July 7-10, Cambridge, England. "Nabokov at the Crossroads" Contact
Jane Grayson <j.grayson@ssees.ac.uk>
7. AAASS Nov. 1999
8. MLA & AATSEEL 1999 Chicago

Daniela Rippl VN exhibit in Munich and elsewhere

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