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Re: Lo's Diary: What's the Law? (fwd)
While I'm at it, there was a discussion in
bit.mailing-list.cni-copyright on this subject; search for "Lolita's
copyright". The consensus seemed to be that U.S. courts, rightly or
wrongly, were likely to rule that _Lo's Diary_ was an infringement. Here's
an excerpt. I hope I'm not infringing on anything!

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> >
> > Does anyone have citations for cases (from the U.S. or Canada)
> > dealing with character rights in literary characters?
> The leading case in the U.S. is Silverman v. CBS, 870 F.2d 40 (2d Cir.
> 1989), concerning the characters "Amos 'n Andy."

There's a book titled "Protection of Literary Characters"; if you
get a chance, read my paper on art production
the book is bibliograph-ied in this paper; hope it helps you out a

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>From: Jay Livingston (
> Most of the discussion here seems to have been over what's right and
>wrong. But I'm curious about the legal issues.