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MLA 1999 -- Chicago (fwd)
>From Galya Diment <>

Fellow Nabokovians:

As Vice President of IVNS, I am in charge of arranging next year's panels
to be sponsored by the Society.

The deadline is fast approaching for submitting topics for the 1999 MLA
sessions. As is the tradition by now, IVNS will sponsor two sessions in
Chicago, of which one is "open" and invites interested parties to submit
papers on any subject concerning VN and his work, while the other is "topical."

Ellen Pifer, President of IVNS, has moved that we hold a panel
entitled "Nabokov, Women Writers, and Issues of Gender." I second her
motion. (Nabokov would have loved this kind of language -- but what are
presidents and vice presidents for?!!) So now we are opening our
electronic meeting to discussion. (No vote will be taken unless you
want to impeach the President.)

Please let us know how you feel about the proposed topic or what other
topics you may want us to consider.

We still have several weeks to mull it over.

Galya Diment