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Nabokoviana: in a sitcom & in Updike (fwd)

A Nabokov reference slips into Newsradio, a wonderful sitcom starring Dave
Foley, an ex-member of the comedy troupe "Kids in the Hall".

The episode is titled "The Lam" (Part 2 of 3), and it originally aired on

Johnny, a corporate pirate aptly described as "pure evil," proposes to a
regular member of the cast by saying, "Lisa Miller, light of my fire, fire
of my loins, will you marry me?"

Below follows a rundown of the episode (stolen from The Newsradio
Station [http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/8183/]):

"Lisa admits to being attracted to Johnny (Guest Star Patrick Warburton,
David Puddy of 'Seinfeld'), and Dave (Dave Foley) realizes he must exploit
their relationship in order to protect Jimmy (Stephen Root), who has
escaped from jail and is hiding out from the FBI at Dave's parents' home
in Wisconsin. Jon Lovitz, Andy Dick, Joe Rogan and Vicki Lewis also star."


>From Updike's latest, _Bech at Bay_:

"These professional personalities operated at an energy level that
stretched Bech's brain like chewing gum on the shoe of a man trying to
walk away. Terry Gross, in her beguilingly adolescent and faintly stammery
voice, had put it to him more brutally yet: 'How can you explain it? It
must feel like a weird sort of miracle, I mean, when Henry James and
Theodore Dreiser and Robert Frost and Nabokov didn't...'

"'I'm not a Swedish mind-reader,' was all Bech could manage by way of
apology. 'I'm not even a Swedish mind.'"



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