Vladimir Nabokov

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ALA Tenth Annual Conference (fwd)
From Ellen Pifer (epifer@udel.edu), President, International Vladimir
Nabokov Society:

If any member of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society is
interested in organizing a panel on Nabokov for the 10th Annual Conference
of the American Literature Ass'n, please notify me as soon as possible.
The conference will be held at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel,
Baltimore, MD, from May 27-May 30, 1999. Conference fee is $50. ($10. for
grad. students, independent scholars, and retired faculty). Information
on the ALA and its activities is available on their website:

A Nabokov session sponsored by the IVNS has been held at the ALA
Conference for at least five consecutive years. But hurry! Although the
materials were just sent to me, the deadline for registering society-sponsored
panels is NOW.

Ellen Pifer