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Re: Nabokov and women (fwd)

RE: Nabokov and Feminists

Kennedy's essay is available in _Narrative and Culture_ (U Georgia P,
1994): 46-58. Its title is "The White Man's Guest, or Why Aren't More
Feminists Re-Reading _Lolita_? Here is the thesis:

"I will argue that _Lolita_ functions in much the same way that
pornography does and in ways that implicate not only traditinal
responses to narrative but also some feminist responses inadvertently
following in that tradition" (47)

Sorry I cannot help with Begum.


There's some other feminist
>work looking at VN's treatment of women characters (most often,
>Lolita); two people I know have given conference papers but
>I'm not sure whether the work has been published: Colleen Kennedy,
>and Khani Begum. Other list members may have further info. to
>provide. For a host of reasons (incl. Nabokov's own persona
>and effect on critics), there hasn't been very much feminist work
>on Nabokov yet (although certainly one can examine his women
>characters in a non-feminist way). Marilyn Edelstein