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Nabokov and women (fwd)
>From Jeff Edmunds <>:

On behalf of a scholar in Great Britain, I am trying to learn more about
critical commentary on "women in the work of Nabokov." My correspondent is
aware of the 1983 MLA Convention session "Lovers, Muses, and Nymphets:
Women in the Art of Nabokov" and has read the abstracts of papers by Martin
Green ("Nabokov's Columbine") and D. Barton Johnson ("Nabokov's Incestuous
Heroines") published in the Spring 1984 VNRN. Has either of these papers
been published in full? There is also mention of a paper by Marija
Stankus-Saulitis. Same question: ever published?

Besides the article by Jenefer Shute, "So Nakedly Dressed," which my
correspondent has read, can anyone provide citations of articles about the
treatment of women in Nabokov's works?

Responses can be sent to me <> or directly to Lara
Delage-Toriel <>.

EDITOR's NOTE. The Johnson paper was never published. I can send it