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Wesleyan Centennial Conference: Pushkin & Nabokov (fwd)
From: Priscilla Meyer <>

We are planning a two and a half--day conference at Wesleyan entitled
"1799, 1899, 1999: Pushkin, Nabokov and Intertextuality"

The conference will take place on March 12-14 (Friday-Sunday). We have
invited scholars from Russia, England and America. If you would like to
attend, rooms are available at The Comfort Inn, Cromwell, CT (860)
635-4100 for $64 single, $69 double (Wesleyan discount), and the
Holiday Inn (860) 635-1001.

If you would like us to mail you directions to campus,
e-mail Other questions may be sent to

Here is the schedule:

March 12


Opening words


Omry Ronen, "Emulation, Intertextuality, and Annotation"

Jane Grayson, Intertextuality and Family Likenesses"

Jenny Coates, "Quote Unquote: Nabokov's Metatexts"

6:00 Dinner, Downey House

8:00 Stephen Schiff, the screenplay of Lolita: A

There will be a screening of the new film of <underline>Lolita</underline>
after the reading, Multi-Purpose Room, Student Center

March 13th
Buffet breakfast, Russell House



Alexander Ospovat, Pushkin and Nicholas the First: 1799-1837?

Yury Mann, "Povestvovanie v Evgenii Onegine

Sergei Davydov, "The Little Tragedies"

David Powelstock, Commentator

12:00 Lunch


3. Pushkin and --

Alexander Zholkovsky, "Pushkin Under Our Skin"

Susanne Fusso, "Podrostok and Pushkin?"

Sasha Lehrman, "Chekhov's Pushkin"</underline>

Susan Amert, "Pushkin and Bulgakov"

Elizabeth Beaujour, Commentator



4. Nabokov, Pushkin and --

Vera Proskurina, ?Nabokov, Pushkin and M. Gershenzon?

Boris Katz, "Pushkin's traces in Nabokov's version of the genre 'exegi
monumentum': dispersed quotation and other"

Duffield White, "Erotic Memory and Narrative Imagination in Pushkin,
Tolstoy, and Nabokov"

Roman Timenchik, "A Waltz in Pushkin, Andrei Bely, and Nabokov"

6:00 Dinner, Downey House

7:30 The Real Inspector Hound, </bold>a staged reading

Russell House

Sunday, March 14th

9:00 Buffet breakfast, Russell House


5. Nabokov

Alexander Dolinin, "Pushkin Subtexts in Nabokov?s Early Prose:
from Mary to Despair"

Gene Barabtarlo, "On the Movement of Nabokov's Theme"

Zoran Kuzmanovich, "I felt her thoughts floating through
mine: Lolita Speak, Memory and the Continuation of The Gift

Rachel Trousdale, The Crown Jewels

12:00 Lunch


Zinovy Zinik, "Self-Imprisoned in Chillon"

6. Nabokov and moderns (Stoppard, Bitov)

Stephanie Sandler, "Bitov, Pushkin, and the Mystified Scholar"

Marina von Hirsch, "Tracing Anagrammatic Tributes to Nabokov Through
Bitov's Texts"

Priscilla Meyer, "The Real Hound, the Real Knight"

Zoran Milutinovic, "The Death of Representation and the Representation
of Death: Stoppard?s Funny Intertext as a Dialogue with the Poetics of
High Modernism"

Franklin Reeve, commentator

3:30 Coffee


7. Nabokov and --

Josh Hecht, Nabokov's Lolita and Merimee's Carmen

Beth Sweeney, "Look at the Harlequins: Vladimir Nabokov, the Silver
Age, and the World of Art?

Aleksei Medvedev, VN and Evreinov: the Writer and his Shadow

Oleg Proskurin, Nabokov and Bitsilli (new materials)


Andrei Bitov

Sergei Bocharov

Priscilla Meyer
Russian Department
Wesleyan University
Middletown CT 06459

(860) 685-3127