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Re: DN's Legal Challenge (fwd)
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Subject: Re: DN's Legal Challenge (fwd)


Wasn't there some controversy about permission to write a sequel to Gone
With The Wind? I wonder if any of the issues in that case might cast light
on this affair.

Like most who have spoken here, I think this suit can only bring publicity
to a book that sounds pretty bad, and I doubt DN can win, but perhaps his
desire in doing this was not to win but to simply make it clear (to fans
and other curious people) that this book in no way has the cooperation of
Nabokov's family. He might get FSG to say as much out of courtesy. More
likely though, there will be an ad headlined, "The novel Nabokov's estate
tried to ban!!" --you can imagine.

At any rate, I hope we can talk about NABOKOV books again soon.

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