Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: DN's Legal Challenge (fwd)
Michael Davidoff

>... All the same, I don't understand Dmitri Nabokov's
>problem with the book. What harm can it do? The names and circumstances
>have been altered enough that there is no more plagiarism there than in
>your typical MAD magazine article, and the lawsuit can only bring
>notoriety to a book that probably would have died otherwise in obscurity.
>In all likelihood, Lo's Diary will die obscure anyway, while Lolita will
>remain one of the best English-language novels of all time. The only
>effect that the parody could have on Nabokov's work is if it were a good,
>sharp piece of satire. I understand from the accounts on this list that
>it is not. Dmitri seems to be flailing as if he were frightened that
>Alexander Pope had risen from the grave to taunt the memory of his father
>... VN's's memory, work, and legacy are too strong to be damaged by this
>trifle of a publication. Leave Lo's Dairy alone.
>Chris J. Magyar
>The Colorado College

I dare to admit DN may have some reasons to do so. Surely he could forecast
such a perplexity and anxiety of inverse reaction from lawsuit. Hence, maybe
he try to provoke a new wave of interest in the world to his father's name
and work? Yes, it's a dirty speculation and poshlost, but only if it could
be concerned money or glory. But I'd like to perceive here another sense,
associated with VN's mind games, delightful intellectual enjoyment, caused
by concurrence of times. Agree: today's row can remind the scandal that was
in fifties around the REAL novel. Isn't it funny? Maybe DN just can laugh
(at all of us) and we can?
I just try to free mine mind :)