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Another "from Lo's point of view" (fwd)
From: Andrew Shaindlin <shain@umich.edu>

The Atlantic Monthly issue for October, 1998 includes a special advertising
insert about theater and the performing arts. One of the items is a column
about the play "How I Learned to Drive" by Paula Vogel. It's described as a
"tale of seduction between the lovingly attentive pedophile Uncle Peck and
his niece L'il Bit..."

The ad says "'This play is an homage to "Lolita," but from Lolita's point
of view,' says the Brown University professor."

As an alumnus of Brown University, I can only hope this doesn't bring a law
suit down on Ms. Vogel. ;-) NB: "How I Learned to Drive" won the Pulitzer
Prize this year...

Andy Shaindlin