Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: DN's Legal Challenge (fwd)
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From: "Welch, Rodney" <RWelch@SCES.ORG>

Unlike Thomas E. Braun, I see nothing ironic or curious in the fact that
both Nabokov and the "Lo's Diary" author faced obstacles to publication.
Nabokov's was charged with writing a bold and original novel; the crimes
of the "Lo's Diary" author are of precisely the opposite sort.

In a year when this classic novel has been the subject of a major film
and earned such a high place on the Modern Library list, it hardly needs
"renewed interest" of this loathsome and tawdry sort.

Given the attention Danis Rose earned last year for his attempted
rewrite of "Ulysses," it appears that Kinbotianism is breaking out all

I say "Go for the throat, Dmitri."

Rodney Welch
Columbia, SC