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Lolita-themed multi-article spread in _Seattle Weekly_ (fwd)
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EDITOR's NOTE. NABOKV-L thanks Steve McCann for the bonanza below.

From: Steve McCann <>

The Seattle Weekly, a free local newspaper, published an 11 article feature
last Thursday (9/8/98) examining the Lolita meme from several different view
points. You can find the (short) articles here:

_It's Lolita's World_
by Claire Dederer

_Light of my life, fire of my lens_
"All fetish and foreplay, Adrian Lyne's movie falls flat of a satisfying climax."
by Claire Dederer

_The adorable child_
by James Kincaid

_Portrait of the sexpot as a young girl_
"A conversation with James Kincaid about the meanings of Lolita"

_Going to the well_
"Bringing a literary classic to the screen." by Amy Halloran

_L'affaire Lolita_
"A short history of censorship." by Sumi Hahn

_The book that ended a childhood_
"Or, a nymphet reads 'Lolita.' by Claire Dederer

_Puffies & plushies_
"Everything a cyberHumbert could dream of." by Knute Berger

_An uncontrollable attraction_
"In Tokyo, schoolgirls can't escape the Lolita stereotype." by Sky Whitehead

_I was a lesbian Lolita_
"Power, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder." by Frances Gerrard

_The unwilling Humbert_
"Just try talking to a kid" by Bruce Barcott

If anyone would like a copy of the print version, for pop-culture context, let me
know and I'll grab some copies.

Steve McCann