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NABOKOV WWW page: Novaya Zemblya (fwd)
EDITORIAL NOTE. Although it is hard to imagine, there might be some among
you who are not familiar with ZEMBLA, the Nabokov Web Center established
by Jeff Edmunds at the Penn State Libraries. It is an incredibly useful
resource for anyone interested in Nabokov.

>From Jeff Edmunds <>:

The new Zembla is now available at:

[Note that this is the same URL as before. Existing bookmarks to the main
page need not be changed; bookmarks to individual pages within the site may
need to be redone, as some of the file names have changed.]

There is a NEWS section which lists additions, so I won't bother to mention
them all here. Of possible interest, in light of recent posts and queries
to NABOKV-L, are William Monroe's long article on _Pale Fire_ and some
snippets of information on _The Original of Laura_. In addition to what's
already there, much more is on the way.

The new version of the site has a search engine, but I should point out
that this feature will be "buggy" for at least a week while the server
digests and indexes what it has been fed. In the meantime searches are
liable to turn up outdated links.

Thanks are due to the many visitors who have provided constructive
criticism of the site, especially Mary Bellino for her thoughtful comments.
I am indebted to my colleagues John Hamilton (for the Works and Biography
sections), Wilson Hutton (for his recorded readings of Nabokov's first
lines), Chris Pfeiffer (for technical advice and assistance), and Lori
Leatherman (for design advice and proofreading). Goofs are my
responsibility, feedback welcome:

Thank you.