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Nabokovskii Vestnik (Nabokov Review, Russia) (fwd)

The Nabokov Museum in St. Petersburg has begun publication of a
new Russian-language periodical, Nabokovskii vestnik (Nabokov Review,
Russia) in Russian. Issues 1 and 2 of Nabokovskii vestnik have already
come out. The Nabokovskii Fond (Nabokov Foundation, St. Petersburg) plans
to distribute the vestniki outside of Russia. At present, various ways of
making vestniki available in the US and other countries outside of Russia
are under consideration. If you are interested in obtaining the
Nabokovskie vestniki, please contact Galya Korovina at

New Russian-language periodical
Nabokovskii vestnik (Nabokov Review, Russia) in Russian

Published by Nabokov Museum, St. Petersburg.
Editorial Board of Nabokovskii vestnik:
B. V. Averin, N. I. Artyomenko-Tolstaya, A. Yu. Aryev, A. G. Bitov, I. P.
Dobrovolskaya (Secretary), A. A. Dolinin, S. A. Lurie, V. P. Stark (Chairman),
N. K. Teletova

Indexes compiled by I. P. Dobrovolskaya

Scholarly Editor V. P. Stark


Nabokovsky vestnik (Nabokov Review, Russia), the first issue of which is
herewith presented to the reader, is published by the Nabokov Museum, St.
Petersburg). The next issues of Nabokovskii vestnik will be published as
materials are collected. The issues will include, first of all, the texts of
presentations made by the participants of the Readings on Nabokov. These
Readings on Nabokov have become a tradition. The readings have been conducted
in St. Petersburg annually since 1992, on April 22-23, timed to Nabokov s
birthday. We are also planning to publish the issues of Nabokovskii vestnik
dedicated to specific themes. Thus, the next issue will be dedicated to the
history of Nabokov s clan and the families related to Nabokov s clan, and to
the reflection of his clan in the works of Nabokov, who put great value on the
names of his ancestors. This issue, entitled Nabokov and His Clan, will
include the proceedings of the genealogical conference, conducted in 1995, and
materials which were prepared specifically for this issue by the members of
the Russian Genealogical Society.
Nabokovskii vestnik plans to publish the information on events
related to Nabokov, and on new productions of films, plays and concerts
based on Nabokov s works. Starting with the second issue, the vestnik
will also include the information on all Russian publications of works by
and on Nabokov. A special chapter will be dedicated to the publication of
the little-known or unknown Nabokov's works. Nabokovskii vestnik will
include the following chapters: articles and materials, publications,
chronicle and, starting with the next issue, bibliography.

The editorial board of Nabokovskii vestnik invites Nabokov scholars to
continue further cooperation, which is particularly important considering the
coming Nabokov s 100 jubilee in 1999. Nabokovskii vestnik aspire to play in
the Nabokov s homeland the role similar to that of the Nabokov Studies in US.

Nabokov Museum, St. Petersburg

In celebration of Nabokov's 100th birthday

Vol 1, 1998


Table of Contents


Articles and Notes

A. A. Dolinin
Travel Fare. Brief Notes on the Genesis of Some of Nabokov's Literary

A. M. Luxemburg.
The Ambivalence: a Feature of Nabokov's Poetics of Games

A. L. Kazin
Nabokov s Ethics

B. V. Averin
Poetics of Nabokov s Early Novels.

T. N. Belova
Post-modernist Trends in Nabokov's Works

N. I. Artyomenko-Tolstaya
Germany. The Germans. Nabokov's Stories of the 20's and 30's.

M. V. Chernitskaya
V. V. Nabokov's Story The Thunderstorm: A Stylistic Analysis.

V. P. Stark.
The Pushkinesque Background to Nabokov's Story The Visit to the Museum

A. V. Stepanov
Nabokov's Pastiche of Onegin

S. Senderovich, E. Schwartz (USA)
Invitation to a Beheading. Commentary on the Theme.

M. E. Malikova
Nabokov's Drugiye berega and Nabokov's Speak, Memory.
Some Observations.

K. Blank (USA)
On Nabokov's Lolita

N. M. Zhutovskaya
Vladimir Nabokov, translator of Eugene Onegin

N. I. Ivanova
Nabokov's Interpretation of Gogol: Some Aspects.
(Essay Nikolai Gogol)

L. N. Tselkova.
Vladimir Nabokov's Novel Lolita and Dostoyevsky's Stavrogin s Confession

V. V. Shadursky.
V. V. Nabokov and A. P. Chekhov: On the Problem of Textual Correspondence

N. K. Teletova
Cazotte, Nabokov and Bulgakov.

N. K. Teletova.
Nabokov and his Predecessors.

T. N. Belova
S. Sokolov's Palisandria - Lolita Backwards. On the Problem of

S. V. Slivinskaya
Master of Games and Magic: Vladimir Nabokov's Synesthesia.

N. N. Pinkevich
Nabokov's Teacher A. P. Pinkevich.

V. Yu. Gessen
The Gessens and the Nabokovs: Friendship and Cooperation.

L. F. Klimenko
Nabokov's home Library.

T. F. Verizhnikova
Vladimir Nabokov and the Art of the Book in Turn of the Century England: The
Temple Shakespeare in V. D. Nabokov's Library.

P. I. Myagkov
West-European Paintings in the Nabokov Family Collection.

L. I. Katznelson
Zvezdoobrazny kaverzy ferzya ... (On Nabokov's Three Chess Sonnets).


L. I. Semenenko
Nabokov's Cambridge Autograph.

V. P. Stark.
Nabokov's Unknown Poem


July 2, 1997. Twentieth Anniversary of Nabokov's Death.

V. P. Stark. Opening Speech
A. Yu. Aryiev
S. A. Lurie
A. A. Dolinin
S. Senderovich
A. S. Kosher
S. V. Slivinskaya

Meeting with Dmitri Nabokov

Listing of Events 1983-1988

Index of V. V. Nabokov's Works

Index of Names



Vol 2, 1998

Table of Contents

Introduction (extract)

The second issue of Nabokovskii vestnik is dedicated to Nabokov s
clan, to the history and genealogy of the families to which the writer was
related on his father's or mother's side. In addition to submissions from
Nabokov scholars, this vestnik includes contributions from all members of
the Russian Genealogical Society and the Institute of Genealogical
Research (affiliated with the Russian National Library). Several articles
and publications were prepared by V. V. Nabokov's relatives.

Articles and Notes

V. P. Stark.
V. V. Nabokov: Genealogical Reflections.

N. F. Levin
The Nazimovs and the Nabokovs.

Genealogical Chart for the Nabokovs, Simanskys and Shishkovs families.
Complied by V. P. Stark.

V. N. Pykhlyakov.
The Nabokovs and the Pushchins.

V. P. Stark
The Danzases.

R. G. Zhouykova, N. K. Teletova
E. D. Danzas, Nabokov's "St. Petersburg Aunt."

A. V. Krasko
The Nabokovs and the Princes Sayn-Wittgensteins.

A. V. Werner
Composer Graun, Writer Nabokov's Ancestor

E. M. Rausch-Gernet
Nabokov Family Blood Ties: the Rausch von Traubenbergs and the Korffs.

A. A. Kolosov
Vladimir Nabokov s Best Friend.

V. N. Rykhlyakov
The Nabokov's Relatives, the Falz-Feins.

I. V. Sakharov
On the History of the Family Drama of the Nabokovs: A Find in the Archives.

M. V. Ledkovskaya (USA)
A Forgotten Poet: Kirill Valadimirovich Nabokov.

N. I. Artyomenko-Tolstaya
S. S. Nabokov, the Writer's Brother


S. S. Nabokov

S. S. Nabokov
The Nabokov Coat of Arms in Russian Heraldry

M. Yu. Medvedev
The Nabokov Coat of Arms Revisited

N. D. Nabokov
Extracts from Bagaazh, Chapter 2


Index of V. V. Nabokov's Works

Index of Names

The third issue, entitled The Nabokov Family Estates, will be
dedicated to the Nabokovs mansion at 47 Bolshaya Morskaya Street in St.
Petersburg, and estates Rozhdestveno, Vyra and Batovo: their history; how
they are reflected in Nabokov's works; and their reconstruction,
restoration and development.

Translator's note:

Translation of titles is a rather tricky thing -- I always translate the
title only after I ve finished translating the text. In this case,
because of the time constraint I only looked through the articles, and
verified the spelling of names using Speak, Memory (G. P. Putnam's Sons
1966 Revised Edition) and Brian Boyd's 2-volume Biography. Experts
deeply familiar with the specific subject of the article may have
corrections and suggestions; I will be very grateful for their feedback,
and will make the appropriate changes for the future Nabokovskii vestnik