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Andre Makine on TV (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. There is an article and/or term papeer waiting to be
written comparing Russo-French writer Andre Makine's autobiographical book
and VN's Sp.M! Something about _My Russian Summers_. Check your library
card cataloue. Of special interest to bilingualism studies.
From: Jay Livingston <LIVINGSTON@saturn.montclair.edu>

The CUNY TV station runs a French talk show, "Bouillon de
Culture," which I almost never watch, mostly because my French is so
poor. But last night as I was flipping through the channels, I caught it
at the beginning when the host was introducing the guests--five novelists,
among them Andre Makine, who was mentioned on the Listserv recently.

There was only one reference to Nabokov. The host, the Pivot
said something to Makine about being an author whose native language is
Russian writing in another language--like Nabokov writing in English. (I
think I heard something to effect that one issue among French critics is
whether Makine is a French author, one who is familiar with and whose
writing draws from the great line of French Literature. But my French, as
I say, is not good, and I was trying to put my son to bed, so maybe they
were talking about the victory in the World Cup.)

I thought I'd alert you in case you know of any Makine-ics who might be
interested and in case the same program is broadcast soon elsewhere in the U.S.

Jay Livingston