Vladimir Nabokov

NABOKV-L post 0003386, Wed, 23 Sep 1998 12:01:13 -0700

Re: VN & Sentiment (fwd)
Dear Christopher,
Many thanks for your note. If you have your program notes for the
four songs NABOKOV-L would be glad to run them. I was sorry you weren't
able to attend. It would have been a pleasure to meet you.
BTW, do you know, off-hand, the date, show, and title for
the Gershwin song with the line "I want to be happy"? I just noticed VN
quotes it in a story (A Nursery Tale). I thought it would be nice to run a
note co-memorating them.
Your songs were a delight and well received. Dmitri, alas, would
have done better to commentate and not sing. Sad.

Best, Don

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