Vladimir Nabokov

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Author: Yuichi Isahaya (yisahaya@mail.doshisha.ac.jp)

Title: Lights and Darkness in Nabokov's Glory
(Text in Japanese, Abstract in Russian )
Journal: Doshisha Studies in Language and Culture, Vol. 1 No. 1, 1998
July, pp. 1-15

In Nabokov's Glory one notices many "lights". On these lights much have
been said. But critics haven't interested in that these lights often
appeared "in the darkness".
In Martin's childhood his world was filled with lights. But after
arriving at England and falling in love with Sonya, from his world
dissappeared lights and darkness covered it. Critics have connected
darkness with death and destructive force. But, I think, in this novel
darkness, which is clearly connected with Sonya, stands for vulgarity (
poshlust ) which is opposed to the romantic character of Martin. As a
whole, this novel is composed of the contrast between lights and darkness.

Yuichi Isahaya, Professor of Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan