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"Orthodox Faith and Russian Culture" (fwd)
EDITOR' NOTE. The posting relayed below may be of some interest to
Nabokovians -- both in itself and in that it precedes the Nabokov
festivitites that will presumably be held in around the 22-24 April.
NABOKV-L has, as yet, no information on whatever plans the Nabokov Museum
is making.
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Subject: "Orthodox Faith and Russian Culture"

Posted at the request of a Russian colleague:

The Institute of Russian Literature ("Pushkin House") of the
Russian Academy of Sciences invites you to take part in the 6th Easter
scholarly conference
The Conference will be held on 18-20 April 1999 at Pushkin House
(St. Petersburg) and will be devoted to various aspects of the
relationship between the Church and secular culture, the Christian traits
of the Russian literary classics, the literary heritage of Ivan Shmelev
and Boris Zaitsev, and the contemporary state of religious consciousness
in Russia.
Anyone interested in giving a paper should send information about
his or her participation and paper topic by 1 February 1999. Unfortunately
Pushkin House is unable to provide any financial support to participants.
Address: Russia 199034, St. Petersburg, Naberezhnaia Makarova, 4
FAX: (812) 218-11-40
email: viouguine@pop3.rcom.ru (for A. Liubomudrov)

Aleksei Liubomudrov
Chairman of the Organizing Committee