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Re: _Lolita_, Hudson's bird girl Rima, and Papillon
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Has anyone else noted the parallels between
_Lolita_ and Hudson's "road > novel" _Green Mansions_: the story of the
infatuated, older Mr Abel > perambulating the jungles of British Guiana
along with the strange young > girl Rima: with her, searching for her,
losing her, her death? > > John > >

> Editor:
I confess I had never thought of Rima, "The bird girl," and Lo in the
same breath, but would not be at all surprized to learn that VN knew
Hudson's classic adventure novel. Worth looking into I'd say.

My time in British Guiana was, on the one hand, after that of Mr Hudson,
but, fortunately, before that of the Rev. J. Jones!

If you enjoy strange knight's moves, you will surely recall that next
door to the British Guiana of _Green Mansions_ and Rima, is French
Guiana and its Devil's Island, from which there escaped one whose alias
might have led VN to pursue him, rather than the Bird Girl! Time, or
after it, for my bedtime martini!!