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_Lolita_ and (fwd)
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EDITOR's NOTE. See below posting.

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Has anyone else noted the parallels between _Lolita_ and Hudson's "road
novel" _Green Mansions_: the story of the infatuated, older Mr Abel
perambulating the jungles of British Guiana along with the strange young
girl Rima: with her, searching for her, losing her, her death?


Editor: I confess I had never thought of Rima, "The bird girl," and Lo in
the same breath, but would not be at all surprized to learn that VN knew
Hudson's classic adventure novel. Worth looking into I'd say.

In another Hudson book, I was bemused to read that he had dazzled
a group of South Amerian caballeros (sp?) by telling them of
the Crystal Palace.