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Tours offered by the V.V. Nabokov Museum of St. Petersburg (fwd)
Dear List:

In response to a recent inquiry, I am forwarding the following notice
on behalf of the Nabokov Museum of St. Petersburg concerning the tours
offered by the Museum.

From:Galya Korovina
gorod New York
1. The Nabokov House

The Nabokov House is located at 47 Bolshaya Morskaya Street in St.
Petersburg. Lovingly described in Speak, Memory, the building now houses
the Nabokov Museum of St. Petersburg on the ground floor. The interior
preserves a number of the mansion's original details, including the wood
panelings and ceilings. Also displayed are several original pieces of
furniture, books from the family library, and paintings that were hanging
in the house when it was confiscated in 1918. An exhibition of
photographs and documents illustrates Nabokov s childhood and youth, his
life and art, the history of the Nabokov family and their homes, including
the mansion's original interior. On display are some of Vladimir
Nabokov's personal belongings, such as his pince-nez and the pencils he
used for writing passages of future works on index cards, which were
donated by his son Dmitri. Visitors may also view the second-floor
bedroom of Elena Nabokova, where Vladimir Nabokov was born in 1899.

2. The Nabokov Estates

"... two hours ride away a manor, a fir forest, and a
river, the lifelong focus of his passionate nostalgia."
-- Brian Boyd, Vladimir Nabokov: The Russian Years

The Museum offers bus tours to the Nabokov estates, making stops at
Rozhdestveno, Vyra, and Batovo. On the way, the visitors can savor the
remarkably beautiful banks of the Oredezh River, an old dam and waterfall, the
road from Vyra to Batovo, and the exquisite Russian landscape.

At Rozhdestveno, the estate of his Uncle Ruka, which Vladimir Nabokov
inherited in 1916, visitors are shown the manor. Restoration of the building
subsequent to a fire in 1995 is nearly complete. There is also a park and a
church containing the Rukavishnikov family crypt at the village of

At Vyra, once the Nabokov family summer estate, only remains of
the English park and auxiliary structures have survived; the manor itself
has not.

At Batovo, the estate of Vladimir Nabokov's grandmother Korff,
visitors are shown the poplar alley, which is all that is left of the estate.

3. Nabokov's St. Petersburg

Visitors will enjoy a bus tour to Petersburg sites related to Nabokov or
mentioned in his works. The tour includes a visit to the Tenishev School as
well as other places of special interest to Nabokovians.

The Museum can also arrange private tours by car, with an
English-speaking guide, on request.

Museum address: Nabokov Museum, 47 Bolshaya Morskaya Street, St. Petersburg
190000, Russia

Tel: (812) 315-4713; (812) 312-3855
Fax: (812) 356-5330; (812) 312- 6594

e-mail: fnab@COMSET.SPB.RU