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Queries re ADA: 1)art, science and incest 2) anthemion
Your editor begs assistance:

1) I lost my note card and can't find where the word "anthemion" occurs in

2) On p. 436 of ADA (original hardback ed.; Part II, chptr 10) Demon says:
"If I could write,... I would describe, ... how passionately, how
incandescently, how incestuously -- c'est le mot -- art and science meet
in an insect, in a thrush, in a thistle of that ducal bosquet." He goes
onto illustrate how Ada & Lucette have (in the name of scientific
accuracy) noted an error in a Bosch butterfly rendition; he maintains that
the artist was simply amusing himself, "crossbreeding causual fancies,"
i.e. art.

OK, the incestuous insect in the ducal thicket of art&science is easy BUT
what about the thrush? (And the thistle?). Why a THRUSH? If it is just a
matter of a ceature being both a matter of beauty and scientific study,
any bird would have done. VN must have chosen the thrush for some reason.
I don't see it as an incest-related anagram. Or am I missing something?
Nor does the scientific name Turdus (philomelos - if it is the
European Song Thrush)suggest anything (relevant). Nor does
the Russian name Drozd.

Does "thistle" help any?
And I'm not too sure about that "ducal bosquet" either. Ducal?

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