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Re: VN & Andrei Makine (fwd)
As Alphonse Vinh pointed out, Makine had to pass off his first two
novels for French translations from Russian originals. As a fictive
translator Makine put forward a certain Albert Lemonnier which actually
is his great grandfather's name.
Unfortunately, the publishing house Belfond which published Makine's
second novel "La Confession d'un porte-drapeau dechu" in 1992, wanted to
double check the alleged French translation with the Russian original.
Makine was willy-nilly forced to come up with a Russian text within
three weeks. I took this information from an article on Makine published
Dec. 2, 1995 in "Le Monde".
I do know that Makine is translated into Russian, but I don't know which
books and whether the translation is his.

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