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Re: Query: Martin Amis and Nabokov (fwd)
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I am sure you already know Amis' non-fiction book "Visiting Mrs Nabokov,
and other excursions", but I thought Nabokov's name also came up in his
other non-fiction work "The Moronic Inferno", perhaps in the piece on
Updike? (Sorry, my copy of "Moronic Inferno" is in storage right now, so
I can not verify this.)
You have a big job on your hands, with Amis' profilic outpourings in
newspapers and literary journals. If you have access to a good reference
library, they may be able to search REUTERS, which might give you
40%-50% coverage of British papers (at a cost...) Helpfully, "Amis" and
"Nabokov" are pretty unique keywords.
"The Information" is, as I understand it, based on Amis' stormy
relationship (and professional jealousy) of Julian Barnes. I heard
recently, though I do not remember where, that this conflict had come
out into the open, with Amis and Barnes trading blows in print. I have
not made an effort to find these articles/letters, though if I come
across them, I will let you.

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