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VN Bibliography (fwd)
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From: Yuri Leving <mslyuri@mscc.huji.ac.il>

The last issue of "Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie" (New Literary Review),
31, (1998), contains:

1. Mikhail Bezrodny, "Imya cherta" (The Devil's Name), pp. 276-278. A
note on Nabokov's short story "Skazka" (A Nursery Tale) and semantics of
the name "OTT", "OTTO".

2. O. Korostolev's review (pp. 414-418) of two books: "Nabokov: pro et
contra" (1997) and Muliarchik's "Russkaia prosa V. Nabokova" (1997).
This is not a real review, but rather the author's extensive
observations on difference between the "West" and "Russian" approaches
in modern Nabokoviana.

Yuri Leving
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem