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Query: Martin Amis and Nabokov (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. You might take a look at the Nabokov WWW-sit ZEMBLA
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The Zimmer-Edmunds bibliography has a section on PALE FIRE. Also check the
NABOKV-L Archive logs which have had several refs to Amis.

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Dear Nabokovians.....

I'm doing a paper on Martin Amis and in my readings and research i know that
Amis has been rather strongly influenced by Nabokov...although I must admit,
that at various points, they tend to differ...

I am just wondering if there are any of you out there who are familiar with
Amis and critical theory....and if you know of any credible websites or
good articles/books on Amis...lemme know, k? Currently, i'm focussing my
paper on Amis' "The Information". We're also gonna be dealing with Derrida
that week...so I suspect I may have to do some deconstructing of the text.

And I'm also doing a paper on Nabokov: Art, Imagination and Reality (in
"Pale Fire")....i've been surfing the net but have not found much worthy
material. As far as I've searched, scholarly works are close to nil....most
of the "articles" are either juvenile or...superfically treated.

I've really having trouble with this cause I think my uni library is still
stuck in the 19th century. There are some stuff on Nabokov and
postmodernism...but with all the Honours students wanting to borrow the same
limited books...it gets tough to get a hold of one. I'm doing my thesis on
Douglas Coupland and the loss of God in Generation X literature...and it's
even *harder* to find material in since the library seems to have a biased
Anglo-slant. Postmodern American lit stuff......even harder to find.

If anyone knows of any good sites on the web...or books and articles i can
refer to, i would greatly appreciate it. And if anyone happens to have any
opinions or takes on the topic of my paper...or on Nabokov's work as a
whole, I would love to indulge in a discussion.

You may reply to me via the forum...or even write me personally at

thanks! :)


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