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Query: "tummock" in Nabokov? (fwd)
From: Jim Morrison <jamorrison@metronet.de>

From: Jim Morrison jamorrison@metronet.de

I'm doing some research on the
rare English word 'tummock,' which
basically means hummock, and is possibly
derived from the Scottish Gaelic word 'tom'
meaning knoll. Tummock is still in use in the marsh
lands near Cambridge, and as most
of us know, Nabokov attended
Cambridge. I first came across
the word in a short story by John Updike,
a true Nabokov enthusiast. My question is,
has anyone every come across tummock
in Nabokov's writing? The evidence is highly
circumstantial at the moment, but I suspect that
Updike learned this word from Nabokov.

Any other help on 'tummock' would be appreciated.

Jim Morrison