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VN Bibliography: New Russian books (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. Bernard Kreise is a member of the editorial board for the
French Pleiade edition of VN's works.
Like the German Rowohlt edition, now more than half complete, the French
set will be much more amply annotated then any of the English-language
editions and, consequently, more valuable for Nabokov research.
The _VN: PRO ET CONTRA volume noted below is a useful compendium
of criticism for Russian-Reading Nabokovians.
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Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 18:46:04 +0100
Subject: New Russian books

From: Bernard Kreise <bkreise@pratique.fr>

Besides translations of american works of VN in Russia (already 2
volumes on 5), 2 new books of VN and about VN :

- Vladimir Nabokov. Pro et contra. A large Anthology (nearly 1
000p) about VN and of new russian translations of texts of VN and about VN
: Lichnost' i tvorchestvo VN v otsenke russkih i zarubezhnyh myslitelej i
issledovatelej. Izdatel'stvo hristianskogo gumanitarnogo instituta.
Sankt-Peterburg, 1997.

- V. Nabokov. Izbrannoe. Kritika i kommentarij. Temy i razvernutye
plany sochinenij. Materialy dlja podgotovki k uroku. This book is intended
for students and teachers. Izdatel'stvo AST. Moskva 1997,

Bernard Kreise