Vladimir Nabokov

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Query: Access to Nabokov's Russian residences (fwd)
>From Jeff Edmunds <jhe@psulias.psu.edu>:

Are there any subscribers who can answer Per Axelson's questions? Please
address responses either to the list or directly to Mr. Axelson at

Thank you.

>From: par.axelson@leoburnett.se
>Subject: Nabokovs Russia
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>Hello. My name is Per Axelson and I´am planning to
>visit Russia and what is left of Nabokovs summer
>memories. Do you know the best way to get Vyra
>region? Do they have any plans to rebuilt
>Rozhdestveno mansion? How about the Batovo mansion.
>Does it still exist?
>I would appreciate if you could help me?
>Per Axelson