Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: Nabokov's last novel LAURA (fwd)
From: Alphonse Vinh - Reference Library - x2350 <AVINH@npr.org>

I asked Brian Boyd that very same question several years ago. Brian told me
that Nabokov had hardly begun writing the tale down. As everyone knows, Nabokov
had the habit of forming the whole novel in his mind first before putting it
down his three by fives. Nabokov was very ill during the last years of his
life--and given the immense amount of time he devoted to checking the myriad
translations of his works, time devoted to composing Laura was very limited. I
would have loved to have seen that novel in print.

Alphonse Vinh

p.s. I'm starting work on the index to my Collected Letters of Allen Tate and
Cleanth Brooks. The first proofs arrived Friday. Any colleagues who have tips
to indexing please write me. I'm always eager to learn.