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VN Bibliography: Gavriel Shapiro's DELICATE MARKER)
EDITOR's NOTE. Gavriel Shapiro's new book DELICATE MARKERS: Subtexts in
Nabokov's _Invitation to a Beheading_ is now available. Gavriel Shapiro
<>, Chair of the Cornell Russian Department and organizer
of the Cornell Nabokov Festival next month, is the author of many articles
on Nabokov and is deeply knowledgeable about art history - an expertise
that is abundantly evident in his new book. A short descripton follows:

_Delicate Markers_ is the first book-length study of Vladimir
Nabokov's novel _Invitation to a Beheading_ (1935-36), a masterpiece that
has received a great deal of scholarly attention, second only to _Lolita_,
among Nabokov's works. Contrary to the prevailing critical practice of
interpreting the novel along specific lines, such as political or
metaphysical, Shapiro considers its diverse subtexts, the implicit
meanings, thereby achieving more multifaceted perspectives. Even though
centering on one work from Nabokov's Russian canon, Shapiro demonstrates
the complexity of interartistic and cross-cultural ties in the writer's
entire oeuvre, which became especially apparent in his "American years."


_Delicate Markers: Subtexts in Vladimir Nabokov's "Invitation to a
Beheading"_ (Peter Lang, ISBN: 0-8204-39460). The book (paperback,
$29.95) can be purchased directly from the Publisher by phone
(1-800-770-LANG), fax (212-647-7707), or e-mail
( Foreign orders can be made by calling Lang
Headquarters in Bern: 031-940-2121, faxing (031-940-2131),or e-mailing